Floral Design Revamp Specialist

Submitted by Shae on Wed, 05/23/2018 - 2:59pm

Floral Image Chicago is seeking a person who is good with their hands and has an eye for detail and an artistic flair. The position is on a contracted, 'per arrangement’ basis and requires the candidate to repair artificial flower designs by cleaning, repairing and and otherwise revitalising our product. The candidate must be able to put in 20-30 hrs per week and have access to a personal workspace where they can revamp our arrangements.

We will pay $9 per arrangement revamped. Times vary but a skilled specialist should be able to average about 2 arranegements per hour.

Skills & Qualifications: 

Good with hands Eye for design

To Apply: 

Please contact Shae Tully at 2066930729 or shae@floralimage.com.

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Shae Tully
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