Costume Designer - Les Innocents/The Innocents

Les Innocents/The Innocents
Directed and created by Ann Kreitman
Dramaturgy by Molly Donahue

Aug 26-30, 2018 Mon-Thur (6:30-10:30) Sun (5-9pm) 

Sept 2-26, 2018 Mon-Wed (6:30-10:30) Sun (5-9pm)
Tech: Oct 1-3 & 8, 2018 (6-11pm)
Previews: Oct 7 & 9 (6-11pm)
Performances: Oct 10 - Nov 4 Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun (8pm) plus 10/27 & 11/3 at 11pm
STRIKE: Monday, November 5, 2018

Rehearsals: Epworth Church; 5253 N Kenmore
Tech/Performances: Preston Bradley Center Mason Hall; 941 W Lawrence Ave

Les Innocents/The Innocents is an immersive quest for epic queer love. Inspired by a real concert that took place in the Paris Catacombs in 1897, the story follows Gui, a composer on a search to awaken the spirit of their deceased lover: Mathilde.  On their journey, Gui encounters eccentric and musical ghosts who misdirect their pursuit and inspire chaos for the living and dead. Les Innocents/The Innocents is a vintage, queer thriller investigating our relationship to imperfection, death, and failure.

(re)discover encourages artist of all backgrounds to apply, especially individuals from underrepresented groups.

Costume Designer

The Costume Designer will create and execute the design for 10 characters and 3 understudies. Eight out of ten characters are ghosts, having died in various times in French history prior to 1897. The show (and most likely also the costumes) will be period influenced with stylistic and conceptual liberties to tie together a diverse group of characters.
Gender and age in this show is expressive and fluid. Auditioning actors are being invited to submit for character with whom they feel a connection.

The Costume Designer will be expected to have design meetings with the director, attend weekly production meetings, attend tech, and strike.
(re)discover theatre will take care of basic costume maintenance during the run of the show and the designer will only be asked to execute major repairs during the run with advanced notice.

This is a stipend position.

A materials budget will be provided separate from stipend.
Designer will have access to materials in (re)discover theatre’s stock and the assistance (re)discover ensemble as needed.

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