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Do You Know How to DRAW? Are you an EXPERIENCED Cashier?                    


We may have a job for you!  We have Henna Body Art that we apply through bottles.  We are also applying Glitter Tattoos.  We are a small handicraft shop as well.  The environment is fast paced.  Our Artist/Cashiers have to be on their feet for the majority of the working hours. You have to be able to talk to people; shyness is not a plus on this job. You don’t have to be Picasso, but must have basic drawing abilities.  This is Primarily a RETAIL Job. Minimum of 2 YEARS CASHIER experience.


PRIORITY is given for those on public transit: we are in a downtown location.


What This Job IS:

Fast Paced

Detail Oriented

Accountable Cash Handling

Initiating Verbal communication repeatedly throughout the day

Standing Up/Walking


What Does Ability to Draw mean on this job?  It means being able to take pen or pencil to paper and rendering a good image.  Using software is an art in itself, but not adequate for this job requirement.


What does Cashier Experience mean?  It means that you are recently familiar with rapid Cash Handling (fast food, waitering, etc. are good experience).  It does not mean you were at a cash register briefly or in a limited capacity back in your work history.



A personal note about why this job will work for you will get priority notice. We are open late, midnight on weekends in the season.  You MUST BE willing to work nights and weekends including Holiday Weekends.  Starting pay $12.00.

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