Art Gallery Caretaker

Background:  The Foundation art storage facility requires light maintenance, security and oversight from a resourceful caretaker on a part time basis. The individual must be honest, responsible and cost-efficient in the execution of the roles described below. He or she must be accessible 24/7 by email and/or cell phone in case of security breaches or urgent questions from the managers.

Commitment: 2 days a week for 2 hours a day or 4 hours per week, standard pay @$21 per hour or $300 monthly.  Extra hours paid at same rate. 


 o Maintain premises in a neat and clean manner

o Cleaning every other week or before tours/events

o Empty trash weekly. Arrange for special garbage pickups as necessary.

o Vacuum, sweep, mop as necessary

o Wash dishes as needed, wipe down surfaces in kitchen and bathroom

o Mow and tidy exterior appearance o Snow removal as necessary

o Replace supplies and oversee repairs to infrastructure and mechanical systems.

o Replace and purchase lightbulbs o Plumbing fixtures – flush toilets weekly

o Bathroom supplies, order as needed (toilet paper, paper towels, air freshener, etc.)

o Maintain kitchen equipment and supplies

o Report to managers and arrange service of mechanical equipment on recommended service schedules and any repairs and replacements

o Assist in safe handling, packing and transport of wine or other items as needed. Must have a vehicle that can easily transport items (SUV, truck, van, etc.).

o Pick up packages at UPS Store pick up on Ogden as delivered, transport to facility

o Help set up tables and chairs before events and meetings

o Recruit manpower as needed to move furniture or other items o Locate and supply supplies and equipment

o Serve as eyes and ears for managers, anticipating issues and helping correct problems that arise

o Be available 24/7 by phone in case of security alarms

o Other tasks as requested

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